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Norway/Sweden Tour Announced

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We finally got our announcement this morning about the Cambridges' autumn travel plans, and the news is surprising! Kensington Palace announced that William will travel to Finland alone at the end of November, and that William and Kate together will tour Sweden and Norway in "early 2018." 

Richard Palmer reported that aides have said even if Kate is feeling better (which it looks like she is!), there is no possibility she can travel at that time. Since Kate traveled to New York City at approximately the same point when pregnant with Princess Charlotte, it is hard not to wonder what is different this time. I don't want to add too much fuel to the rumor fire, or to over indulge in complete speculation, but it does make me wonder again if Kate might possibly be pregnant with twins? There are plenty of other reasons not to travel, of course. She may have found New York far more taxing than she anticipated, or with George and Charlotte older and George in school, there may be family commitments she is unwilling to miss--school play or holiday events. Her doctors may just be playing it extra cautious this time around. Who knows, but that's the scoop for the moment. No autumn trip for Kate after all, but a visit to Norway & Sweden in the New Year! 

Kate's Surprise Stop at Paddington Station in Orla Kiely

Monday, October 16, 2017

The best way to start a new week is with a new engagement showcasing Kate! William and Harry were due at Paddington Station this morning for a Paddington-themed Charities Forum event and happily, they didn't come alone.  To the surprise and delight of everyone, the Duchess of Cambridge joined her husband and brother-in-law, and she was absolutely glowing in a pink Orla Kiely dress.

The What & The Why & The Where

The Charities Forum was founded by William and Harry in 2006 "as a way to bring their individual charitable interests together and to explore how they could best lend their support to them all in an effective and efficient way." Kate made the duo a trio after she married William, and now all three royals work with their charities in this umbrella collaboration. Today was a Paddington-themed event at Paddington Station in London where children, nominated by various charities, were set to embark on a train-trip with members of the Paddington 2 cast.  Here, Kate sits down to chat with families involved with the Anna Freud Centre, of which she is patron:

The Labels

Kate returned to Irish designer Orla Kiely, wearing the label's Flower Fitted dress in blush. The dress is sold out but features a raised floral design, a fitted bodice, and black velvet trim. I think this must be an old season, but very little is available online about it. Polyvore reports it retailed for around $185, which seems a little on the cheap side.  In any event, Kate hasn't worn Orla K in a long time, and I am really pleased to see a new dress from her make an appearance. 

Kate accessorized with her Kiki McDonough morganite drop earrings, her Mulberry Bayswater clutch, and what appear to be new, black, block-heels. MiddletonMaven has identified these shoes as Tod's Suede Block Heels:

Kate finished her look with her trusty Cartier Ballon Bleu watch. 

Fashion in Motion

Jane's Thoughts

I love Kate in blush. It is a shade that can wash some women out, but to me it works very well with her dark hair and eyebrows and her light tan and always pink cheeks. Kate also seems to like blush when pregnant. Her bump is definitely showing, which feels early to me, but makes this surprise appearance even more exciting!

I am thrilled that Kate made this engagement. It was not announced beforehand. She probably planned to come, but chose not to announce it in case she didn't feel up to it this morning. That's a smart move to avoid disappointing fans and sparking criticism from the more disaffected among us.

Anyone who thinks Kate isn't a good sport should watch this video. My personal comfort zone is relatively reserved, and Kate handled this energetic dance with perfect poise. I think William is wondering if she might be sick....I certainly was. 

The Verdict

Big win! As I say, I love blush on Kate, and I love the Orla Kiely pieces she chooses. They are always feminine and flattering with details that set them apart from the run-of-the-mill. This dress was streamlined in its fitted-bodice and straight skirt, but with just the right amount of embellishment to make it unusual and very fun. Plus, Orla Kiely's whimsy was the prefect vibe for a Paddington-themed children's event. The block heels kept it trendy, which I loved, too. A+ to HRH.

Coffee & Kate: New Tour on the Horizon

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Well, it is Saturday and I have my coffee and am ready to chat about Kate! Snag your a.m. addiction and let's get started.  This morning there are a few fun stories and rumors that are of interest to us all. Yesterday, Emily Andrews shared more details on the rumor that (so long as Kate recovers sufficiently), the couple will undertake a fall tour/trip!

According to Emily, who has a very strong track record reading the royal tea leaves or ferreting out the inside scoop, William and Kate will "visit Norway and Sweden next month after Prince Harry visits Denmark." As I pointed out when Kate's pregnancy was announced, there is plenty of time in November, when Kate will almost surely be well again, for the couple to travel. We saw it when Kate was pregnant with Charlotte and I am very confident we will see them off on a visit again despite this pregnancy. That's the best news! On the other side of the spectrum of life...

Kate Returns to the Spotlight at Buckingham Palace Mental Health Reception

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kate is back and I don't know which of us looks more excited about it right now! The Princess made her come-back this evening wearing a Temperley dress in the blue and black colors of her mental health initiative Heads Together.

The What & The Why